I Sing The Body Electric

6. September - 7. October 2018

Tanya Ling
Fay Nicolson
Charlotte Klobassa
Donna Huanca

I sing the body electric brings together four contemporary artists whose work shifts between representation and abstraction. The artists have in common an attention to surface, materiality and process, and share an interest in the language of painting and the performative site. 

Presenting works by London-based artists Tanya Ling and Fay Nicolson, Austrian artist Charlotte Klobassa and Bolivian-American artist Donna Huanca, the exhibition aims to explore the interlinked practices. 

All works in the exhibition present diverse aspects of the performative process of making that allows viewers a new perspective on physicality through various media, forms and approaches unique to each artist.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a live performance "Shake it Loose and Let it Fall" by British artist Fay Nicolson. The performance will take place in response to the exhibition on Friday September 28, 2018, 7pm.



Tanya Ling, Line Painting, 2017
Fay Nicolson, Pure Form Sleaves, Collection of sleaves for arms and legs, digital print on lyrca, 2016
Fay Nicolson, Installation View, Frutta, Rome, 2015