The Birgit Lauda Art Foundation (B.LA) has been established as a nonprofit organisation with the aim to support artists and to donate all its proceeds to the international nonprofit organisation Women without Borders (WwB), founded by Dr. Edit Schlaffer in 2001. Women without Borders is dedicated to the empowerment of women worldwide.


B.LA Art Foundation supports WwB by showcasing works of international female artists in regularly changing and curated exhibitions in their Artspace in Vienna, Austria. Alongside the exhibition programme, B.LA has created a platform for dialogue and a space for the exchange of ideas by hosting panel discussions, artist talks, performances, and workshops.


The core of B.LA's mission is to support, and to closely collaborate with Women without Borders while promoting international contemporary artists, established and upcoming.


For futher information on Women without Borders please visit: https://wwb.org/